Valtra T235v

  • 250hp
  • 5k road speed for traveling to the site
  • Twin track (reverse when mulching)
  • Forestry Cab (sky view roof)

The Muscle Machine

Perfect all round viability gives you total control from the comfort of your cab.

Combines the power of smart technology with the strength of a 6-cylinder engine. This multi-purpose tractor is driven with ease and comfort. Offering high road speeds, and a smooth driving experience, it’s a dream to drive even on high ground clearances.

With 365 day and night visibility, the driver’s seat offers an excellent view in all directions, this alongside the Twintrac reverse driving allows you to work smarter, not harder.

This machine delivers power when needed and gives you full control of any site!

TMC Cancela

  • TMC Cancela TFX-225 Forestry Mulcher with hydraulic push frame.
  • Driven by our own Valtra T235 tractor, the Cancela proves unbeatable when dealing with large areas of scrub, stumps, and small trees.
  • During operation, it minimises noise, vibration, and operator exposure, whilst increasing safety, time efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • It leaves a ‘newly mown’ look to a site, which not only looks good but also increases safety and ease of access for post-clearance groundworkers and machinery.
  • Designed for mulching branches, and low trees including remaining stumps after felling.
  • Removing the need for numerous operatives using hand-held chainsaws & brush cutters.
  • Increasing production rates on a daily basis.



A long-standing client whom we work regularly for requested us to quote on a very large land clearance site. Knowing we have the Valtra tractor and mulcher in house it was the ideal job for us to tackle.

The site survey showed us exactly what equipment we needed to take and at what part of the job it was required. Knowing it was going to be at least 3 weeks on-site, hiring these pieces of kit would have added extra costs for the client.

The site was 9 acres and was to be cleared so a commercial development could commence. Trees, vegetation, and full mulch were required to enable the site to progress. The last stage of the job was to dig out the remaining stumps, which proved to be very stubborn!

The monster machinery made light work of a very large clearance. The job was completed on time and within budget. The clients were obviously thrilled with the work as we have since been awarded more work with them. Building foundations with local contractors and filling our clients with confidence in our work.

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