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Your Responsibilities as a Tree Owner

Understanding your legal and safety obligations as a tree owner is paramount.

At Nimrod Ltd, we specialise in professional tree surveys for private homeowners, commercial entities, and landowners, helping you effectively meet your responsibilities under The Occupiers Liability Act 1984.

Our expert services are designed to manage potential risks your trees may pose to the public and other properties, ensuring you meet your duty of care with confidence.

Our approach ensures that your duty of care is met with the utmost precision, safeguarding your peace of mind while protecting those around you.

In-Depth Tree Hazard Surveys

Visual Tree Assessment (VTA): A Key to Safety

Our hazard survey involves a meticulous visual inspection, identifying any current or foreseeable safety risks. Using tools like inclinometers and other advanced techniques, we ensure a thorough assessment:


Tree Hazard Assessment Surveys

Focused on specific trees within your property, particularly those adjacent to public areas like highways. We identify any hazards, assess risk levels, and recommend necessary actions for risk mitigation.


Tree Condition Surveys

This detailed survey is akin to a vehicle MOT for trees. We record the physiological condition of all trees over 150mm stem diameter on your site, advising on health & safety concerns, and providing clear timelines for addressing any issues.



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Leeds Tree Survey by Nimrod Environmental

Railtec Engineering

Nimrod are a local company that have been maintaining our business site for the past 8-9 years. Reliable and professional and will tailor their services to your requirements as when we recently needed some trees trimming on our boundary; from our enquiry to quote to cutting the trees was less than a week (they even left me a pile of logs).

Rebecca – Premier Property Management

Nimrod have carried out excellent work at a number of developments. They have been responsive, competitively priced and kept us informed throughout all projects. They’ve offered advice where needed and been patient with delays our side and provided all required documentation. We’ve had great feedback from residents on their demeanour when out working too which is really reassuring.

Leeds City Centre tree works completed using the Forst ST6D

Beyond Surveys

Full Spectrum Tree Consultancy

In addition to surveys, Nimrod Ltd offers expert guidance on Tree Preservation Order (TPO) applications and tree work within Conservation Areas (CA). We facilitate and liaise with local councils, ensuring smooth processing of applications and compliance with all relevant regulations.

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