Japanese Knotweed Removal

Warranties and Management Plans

INNSA insurance-backed guarantees, offering you complete peace of mind and long-lasting protection.
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Japanese Knotweed Insurance Backed Warranties

Tailored Treatment for Effective Control

At Nimrod, we realise that every Japanese Knotweed case is different and we can identify and create a comprehensive treatment plan to deal with the problem – specific to your situation.

Our range of guarantees offers ‘peace of mind’ from the day our treatment is done.

Nimrod's Comprehensive Warranty Plans

To Guarantee Complete Peace of Mind

Based on the findings of our detailed surveys, we offer warranty plans that span 5 and 10 years. These plans are not just assurances – they are commitments.

With them, we produce an initial report, conduct periodic monitoring, and perform necessary spray treatments.

Our goal is to ensure the complete eradication of Japanese Knotweed from your property, preventing any future growth.

Warranty plans are a standard inclusion with all our Japanese Knotweed treatments, providing you with continuous support and vigilance.

Securing Your Property with Insurance-Backed Guarantees

Underwritten by Insure Risk via INNSA

In certain situations, such as obtaining a mortgage on a property affected by Japanese Knotweed, an insurance-backed warranty plan is essential. Nimrod offers these robust plans through Insure Risk, backed by our membership in the Invasive Non-Native Specialists Association (INNSA).

These plans include all the benefits of our standard warranties, such as initial reporting, periodic monitoring, and spray treatments, but with the added security of being underwritten by Insure Risk. This provides a comprehensive solution for homebuyers and sellers concerned about the impact of Japanese Knotweed on mortgage applications and property value.

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Free Identification Service

Fast, Free Identification Service for Invasive Weeds

Unsure if you’ve spotted Japanese Knotweed or another invasive weed? Let our experts help with a quick and easy identification service. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Snap a Clear Picture Take a clear picture of the weed you’re concerned about.
  2. Send it Over Fill in the form provided and upload your picture. Feel free to include any additional information about your situation in the enquiry field.
  3. Receive Expert Advice Our team will promptly review the image and get in touch with you. We’ll confirm if it’s Japanese Knotweed or another type of invasive weed, and explain your options and the best solution.

Benefit from a fast response, precise identification, and practical advice – all without obligation. Take the guesswork out of weed identification with Nimrod Environmental.