Environmental Services, expertly delivered

Nimrod delivers the highest quality commercial and residential Japanese Knotweed eradication, tree surgery and site clearance.

15 Years of Expertise

Discover a comprehensive range of environmental services at Nimrod, dedicated to enhancing spaces and tackling challenges. 

Operating under the ethos of ensuring that our services complement and protect the environment.

We provide expert advice, use the best quality materials, give value for money and ensure that client satisfaction always remains at the core of the business.

Over the past 15 years, we have worked on a variety of projects including industrial parks, schools, private estates, supermarkets, universities, business premises, hotels and new office developments.

You can hire Nimrod UK-wide and we guarantee the very latest environmentally friendly methods, materials and machinery to ensure that we bring your landscape to life with the lowest-possible carbon footprint.

Explore our core services:

Japanese Knotweed Eradication:

    • Unmatched expertise in identifying, addressing, and eradicating Japanese Knotweed.
    • Legal insights and sustainable solutions to control and remove this and other invasive species.
    • Benefit from our insurance-backed warranties through INNSA, providing peace of mind.

Tree Surgery & Clearance:

    • Professional tree care for both commercial and residential spaces.
    • Expert advice, quality materials, and value for money.

Site Clearance & Enabling:

    • Efficient and respectful site preparations for seamless construction projects.
    • Specialised services in tree and vegetation clearance, bulk excavations, and more.