Valtra T235v


Unleashing Robust Efficiency in Land Clearance


Key Features

  • 250hp for robust performance.
  • Capable of 5k road speed for efficient site travel.
  • Twin track feature enhances mulching capabilities.
  • Forestry Cab with sky view roof for unparalleled visibility.


The Muscle Machine

Unmatched Versatility and Control

The Valtra T235v is not just a tractor; it’s a symbol of strength blended with smart technology.

Boasting a powerful 6-cylinder engine, this multi-purpose machine offers high road speeds and a smooth driving experience, making it perfect for various terrains.

The comfort of the cab, combined with 365-day visibility and innovative Twintrac reverse driving, empowers operators to work smarter, achieving more with less effort.



TMC Cancela – A Perfect Partner

Mastering the Art of Mulching

When paired with the Valtra T235v, the TMC Cancela TFX-225 Forestry Mulcher stands as an unbeatable team for large-scale land clearing.

This formidable combination offers:

  • Hydraulic Push Frame – Enhances the mulcher’s efficiency and control.
  • Driven by Valtra T235 – Ensures unmatched power and reliability in tackling extensive areas of scrub, stumps, and small trees.
  • Noise and Vibration Reduction – Optimises operational comfort while increasing safety and efficiency.
  • Aesthetic and Safe Clearing – Leaves a ‘newly mown’ look, enhancing site safety and access for follow-up work.
  • Versatile Mulching – Ideal for branches, low trees, and remaining stumps, providing a comprehensive clearing solution.
  • Labour Efficiency – Eliminates the need for multiple operators with hand-held equipment.
  • Daily Production Boost – Significantly increases the rate of clearing and site preparation.


This advanced Mulcher TMC Cancela TFX-225, driven by our powerful Valtra T235 tractor, redefines the standards of efficiency and effectiveness in environmental management.



Case Study

Comprehensive Land Clearance for Commercial Development

Transforming a 9-Acre Site

Our long-standing client, with whom we have a regular working relationship, approached us for a quote on a substantial land clearance project. The perfect fit for such a task was our in-house Valtra tractor and mulcher combo.

The initial site survey was crucial in determining the exact equipment needs and their deployment at various stages of the project.

Spanning across 9 acres, the site required complete clearance to pave the way for an upcoming commercial development.

This extensive task involved clearing trees and vegetation, and executing full mulching to prepare the ground. A notable challenge was the removal of stubborn stumps during the final phase, which our team managed effectively.

Our Valtra T235v, a true behemoth in land clearance, ensured that the large-scale job was handled efficiently and swiftly.

The project’s completion, both on time and within budget, led to immense client satisfaction. This success not only fortified our relationship with the client but also enhanced our reputation among local contractors, showcasing our reliability and effectiveness in large-scale land management tasks.

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