Ufkes Greentec 942 Track Whole Tree Tracked Chipper

Ufkes Greentec 942 Track Whole Tree Tracked Chipper for hire from Nimrod Environmental, Barnsley, West Yorkshire

Ufkes Greentec 942 – The Ultimate Chipping Solution

Key Features

  • Robust 300hp engine for unmatched power.
  • Generous infeed opening of 520mm x 1060mm.
  • High output capacity of 100m3 per hour, ideal for chipping into walking floor articulated wagons for biomass.
  • Efficient whole tree chipping capability.

Engineered for Large-Scale Chipping

High-Efficiency, No-Nonsense Performance

The Ufkes Greentec 942 stands as a no-nonsense machine, perfect for tackling large-scale chipping requirements.

Fully mobile and ready for immediate deployment on-site, this chipper features high-tech controls and re-programmed applications to process a variety of materials like branches, logs, shrubs, and hardwood into uniform chips.

Its design, which includes chipping at the front and discharge at the back, notably reduces dust, making it exceptionally suited for urban environments.

Producing G30 chips, the Ufkes Greentec 942 excels in large site clearances, roadside chipping, and biomass production, all while maximising efficiency by eliminating the need for a jack or accelerator.


Case Study

Transformative Work in Nottingham

Our recent project in Nottingham showcased the Ufkes Greentec 942’s capabilities splendidly.

Over three days, the mega chipper, in combination with our Doosan 6-tonne digger with a rotating grab, cleared 80 metres of dense hedge (brambles and hawthorn), segmented into four sections, each over 2 metres high.

This work was essential so that our client could start on an important pipe-laying project.

When hired together, this powerful duo makes light work of hedge and tree clearance, chipping rapidly and efficiently. The Ufkes Greentec 942, paired with the precision of the Doosan digger, demonstrates why it’s a go-to choice for substantial chipping tasks.

Ready to Revolutionise Your Chipping Process?

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