Forst ST6D

Leeds City Centre tree works completed using the Forst ST6D

Forst ST6D – The Agile Shredding Powerhouse


Key Features

  • Small yet exceptionally fast and powerful, ideal for space-restricted areas.
  • Phenomenal shredding performance, meeting high demands with ease.
  • Compliant with new emission regulations, achieving 30% fuel savings.
  • Capable of handling bulky branches, tree crotches, and green material effortlessly.
  • Equipped with ForstGrip feed rollers, reinforcing Forst Wood chippers’ formidable reputation.

Revolutionising Shredding Efficiency

The Forst ST6D is not just any chipper. Designed to work efficiently even in limited spaces, this machine redefines shredding performance.

Its compliance with the latest emission regulations ensures not only environmental responsibility but also significant fuel savings.

Whether dealing with bulky branches or dense green waste, the ST6D tackles it all without breaking a sweat, thanks to its aggressive ForstGrip feed rollers.


Case Study

Urban Tree Management in Leeds City Centre

Precision and Speed in an Urban Landscape.

In a recent task within Leeds city centre’s urban forest, the Forst ST6D played a crucial role.

Tasked with pruning and shaping trees, overshadowing office grounds, and encroaching on buildings and public paths, the job required quick and safe execution with minimal disruption.

Our nimble chipper, coupled with an arb truck, made post-work cleanup effortless.

Completing the job in just two days, our team restored the open space for local workers and residents to enjoy.


Your Partner for Every Shredding Challenge

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