Doosan DX63 Tonne Digger

Doosan DX63 Tonne Digger: Power and Precision for Every Project


Key Features

  • 6.5-tonne weight class for robust performance.
  • Available alongside the nimble Kubota 2.7 tonne excavator.
  • Versatile with additional attachments including a Grab & Rotator, Brash Rake, and TMK 200 tree shear (capable of cutting trees up to 200mm).

The Doosan DX63 Tonne Digger is a powerhouse in the world of excavation and land clearance.

Designed to tackle the most demanding tasks, this 6.5-tonne behemoth stands out for its strength and reliability. It works seamlessly with our range of equipment, including the agile Kubota 2.7 tonne excavator, making it an ideal choice for diverse project requirements.

The Doosan DX63’s versatility is further enhanced by its array of attachments, such as the Grab & Rotator for precision handling, the Brash Rake for efficient site preparation, and the formidable TMK 200 tree shear, adept at cutting through substantial trees.

This equipment is not just a tool; it’s a guarantee of performance and efficiency on any site.

Remember, all plant hire from Nimrod Environmental includes a fully insured expert operative, ensuring top-quality service and peace of mind for every job.


Case Study

Efficiency Unleashed in Nottingham

Completing a 3-day project in Nottingham, our Doosan DX63, coupled with the mega chipper (Ufkes Greentec 942) and its rotating grab, expertly cleared 80 metres of dense hedge for a crucial pipe lay project. This powerhouse combination streamlined the clearance process, demonstrating our capability to handle hefty tasks with ease and precision.

But our skills don’t stop at removal. Our team’s versatility shone through in constructing a sturdy fence, contributing to the local landscape while maintaining safety standards.


Dooson digger and Ufkes chipper in action


A Power Couple in Action

“Delivered to site and straight to work!!” – that’s the motto of our Doosan DX63 excavator when paired with the Ufkes Greentec 942 tracked chipper.

This dynamic duo represents the pinnacle of efficiency in site clearance.

Armed with the Intermercato AB rotator grab, the Doosan DX63 feeds the chipper at unprecedented rates, enhancing our ability to clear sites more quickly than ever before.

This combination of machinery isn’t just about getting the job done; it’s about redefining the standards of speed and effectiveness in the field.


Versatility at Its Best

Our Doosan Digger isn’t just about removing obstacles; it’s about providing holistic solutions.

Whether chipping on-site or off, our equipment and skilled operators are ready to take on any challenge, big or small. And when they’re not spearheading our projects, they’re available for hire with our insured, expert operators.


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