Avant 745

Avant 745 - 2 avants pictured out for hire. Multi-tasking plant machinery available for hire with fully insured operatives

Avant 745 – The Green Multi-Tasking Machine


Key Features

  • Versatile attachments – Flail, Grab, and Bucket.
  • Compact yet robust, ideal for various tasks.
  • Drum-type flail mower for efficient vegetation cutting.
  • Timber Grab for easy handling and transportation of wood and waste.
  • Specially designed Bucket for enhanced visibility and efficiency.
  • Two Avant 745s available for hire with fully insured expert operatives.


Versatility at Its Best

The Avant 745 stands as a testament to multifunctionality and resilience.

Recognised as one of our hardest working machines, its compact size belies its toughness and capability.

Perfect for a range of tasks, the Avant 745 shines with its ability to adapt quickly through its multi-purpose nature.


Flail Mower
Ideal for tackling long grass, scrub, bush, and similar vegetation with its drum-type cutting technology.

Timber Grab
Designed for versatility, it easily handles and transports tree trunks, wood, and waste, enhancing accessibility and utility, even in narrow spaces. Loading long logs onto a trailer in any direction is a breeze with this invaluable accessory.

Its operator-friendly design ensures clear visibility of the front edge, simplifying loading and unloading tasks.



Case Study

Efficient Land Clearance on the A630

Overcoming Tough Terrain with Agility

On a challenging land clearance job along the A630, our Avant 745, equipped with the grab, proved indispensable.

Faced with tough terrain, tight access points, and a strict timeframe, the Avant 745 ensured the project not only stayed on track but was completed ahead of schedule.

Its performance allowed the Kubota and Timberwolf to commence their tasks sooner, exemplifying the importance of having reliable in-house machinery.


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