Nimrod Now Achilles RISQS Rail Approved


We are proud to announce our successful audit under the Achilles RISQS Rail scheme.

The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) is designed to be the single entry point for suppliers to the rail industry. Buyers of products and services throughout the GB rail industry use RISQS as its supplier qualification service.

The RISQS Audit service pre-qualifies suppliers to work in the industry. The audit enables suppliers to demonstrate compliance against both the industry wide assurance requirements, as set out by the RISQS Board, and the specific infrastructure requirements as defined by the relevant infrastructure member.

As well as being able to carry our rail works as a sponsor in our own right now, we can demonstrate our company’s capability in meeting regulator and rail industry requirements, win new business and improve our performance.

Some of our previous projects on the railways

These works were carried out under our previous sponsor.

Clearance at Haigh Railway before the bridge works