Japanese Knotweed in Winter

Identify Japanese Knotweed in Winter – what it looks like!

We know it has not completely died off. Its just waiting for Spring to come back round…..!

Japanese Knotweed will cause major disturbance to gardens, especially during the summer months as it out competes other plants and weeds.
However, many of us are fooled into thinking the winter months offer some peace from this invasive weed!
The fact of the matter is, Japanese Knotweed doesn’t die off completely…it’s just silently laying dormant in wait!

With its brown, cane, bamboo-like appearance over the winter months, some would think it’s dead.

This is the perfect time to put a plan into action! By Spring the shoots will grow at an alarming rate, which sees some growing over 4m in height.
We can help provide you with the ideal management plan and support you through the whole process.

The most important thing to remember – is don’t interfere with the above-ground growth or disturb the root system!

Call in the experts and allow us to tackle it in the most effective waycontact us

A free identification guide is available here

Did you know?

Japanese knotweed can destroy your garden?

It grows at an alarming rate. Developing a root system that can extend up to 3m underground.

Disrupt foundations and drains?

This invasive weed finds weakness within drains, foundations, walls, concrete and tarmac. This can usually led to costly solutions for the homeowners / land developers.

Cause huge delays in mortgage applications?

Many lenders are extremely cautious when dealing with properties which have Japanese Knotweed. Even when the weed has not caused damage to the property, the lenders look to the future and potential problems that can occur. One of the guide lines in place is a management / treatment plan from a company within INNSA or PCA. We are in both organisations and can tick every box your lender requires!

Members of INNA & PCA

Nimrod have a team of invasive weed specialists who are on hand to assist you. Offering a free identification guide and encourage you to send images so we can help you.

We will always offer the best, most effective treatment plan for you, contact us to speak with our experts!

After a site survey, a chemical treatment plan can be designed for your property. Our team will visit and treat the infected area regular times throughout the year. A 5 or 10 year plan can be put into please.

Insurance backed warranties are available as part of PCA

Should this be a development site, Nimrod will survey the site and arrange the infestation to be removed by excavation. This will be with mechanical diggers and done in a controlled manner. All waste would be removed from site and taken to landfill. (Nimrod have a waste management license).