Japanese Knotweed Crumble anyone?

Japanese Knotweed Crumble anyone? If you are a forager or just like to use nature’s produce, then these recipes are for you.

If you catch Japanese knotweed in its early growth phase (April to June depending on how mild the weather is) and as long as it has not already been chemically treated then you could rustle up an amazing feast using this problem plant.

Japanese Knotweed can taste a little like rhubarb with a lemony flavour and as such can be made into a chutney (knotweed and shallot jelly to be exact) which is said to be delicious served on an oatcake with a bit of crumbly white cheese.

If you like the sound of the menu below then click on this link to view the recipes, happy cooking!

  • Pot roast pheasant with knotweed, chestnuts and wild mushrooms
  • Japanese knotweed crumble with dwarf quince
  •  Nettle and yarrow beer
  •  Knotweed and strawberry wine

If you plan to forage for knotweed, be aware of the laws which govern its collection and disposal.  Here is some further advice which you may find useful.