Donation to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In May, we donated to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP), but not a donation like you would expect!

Our donation to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park was a large piece of Lime Tree.

The Lime Tree with the crafting tents in the background

The Lime Tree with the crafting tents in the background

The YSP’s learning programme uses art and landscape to build young people’s intellectual knowledge, skills and aspirations.  Their learning programme reaches 45,000 people every year who can work directly with artists and enjoy courses, from woodcarving to bronze casting, for every level of experience.

A client commissioned us to fell this Lime, so we thought we could bring it back to life!

The common lime is a deciduous broadleaf tree, native to the UK and parts of Europe.

Some interesting facts about Lime

During the war lime blossom was used to make a soothing tea. Limes have long been associated with fertility. In France and Switzerland, limes are a symbol of liberty, and the trees were planted to celebrate different battles.

Lime wood is soft and light, white-yellow and finely textured. It is easy to work and often used in turnery, carving and furniture making. Lime bark was traditionally used to make rope, and lime flowers were considered a valuable source of food for honey bees. The wood does not warp and is still used today to make sounding boards and piano keys. Limes can be coppiced and used for fuel, hop-poles, bean-sticks, cups, ladles, bowls and even Morris dancing sticks.

You can view the full list of What’s On at the YSP here