Doncaster Railway Bridge Expansion with Balfour Beatty

Clearing the Way: Essential Tree and Land Clearance for Bridge Work to Begin

Our longstanding collaboration with Balfour Beatty brought us back to a project we began in November 2019 – expanding a railway bridge in Doncaster.

The initial phase involved site clearance to widen the bridge, carried out with our signature attention to detail. To minimise disruption and adhere to H&S regulations, our team skillfully executed parts of the work during night shifts.

Whenever crucial railway network projects are underway, specialists like Nimrod Environmental are vital.

Our expertise in tree and land clearance plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the tracks and surrounding areas are clear and ready for work.

This meticulous preparation is crucial, particularly in projects like this railway bridge expansion, to prevent delays and ensure a smooth workflow for all contractors involved.


Bespoke Solutions, Timely Execution

Nimrod Environmental is committed to providing tailored services to meet project deadlines. As we approached the project’s completion, our focus shifted to preparing and hydroseeding three thousand square metres of grass on the embankments, ensuring a secure foundation for the new grass to thrive.


From Start to Completion: A Testament to Teamwork

Returning to the site to see the final results was a moment of pride for our team. The transformation of the area stands as a testament to our team’s dedication and excellence.


As ever the team did an amazing job!